Rated PC

Last night, my mother asked me why STDs are now called STI’s, “is it politically incorrect to say STD?” I rolled my eyes and shrugged, “who knows?”

Political correctness stresses me out.

Conceptually, I think I get it but honestly I feel like I’m being censored and it pisses me off.

A quick Google search shows that political correctness is the avoidance, often considered as taken to extremes, of forms of expression or action that are perceived to exclude, marginalize, or insult groups of people who are socially disadvantaged or discriminated against.

But I feel like it’s more than that. Or rather, it’s made out to be way more than that.

I was always loud and proud about my stance against political correctness until I realized the main people who agreed with me were older white men. #problematic

When a white man says he can’t stand political correctness all I hear is “I want to be free to live my best racist life.”

The first time I realized I needed to reevaluate how I felt was when a white male professor said that political correctness is a creativity killer and I was like OMG YAAAS but then I sat there like wait…sir, If you can’t tell a story without maligning someone you can’t actually tell a story.

Now I wonder, is being PC like being racist, if you’re a minority you can’t be politically incorrect? I say problematic stuff all the time but it’s usually in joke form and generally only to someone I think will be receptive to the joke. Does that make it okay? I guess not.

I can’t say I’m going to try harder to be PC or even that this site will be particularly PC but I will say that my reason for pushing the envelope has everything to do with bridging gaps and exploring dynamics that are sometimes difficult to foster and nothing to do with putting people down. I don’t know that that’s politically incorrect, I think it’s just cruel.


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