The Agonies and The Ecstasies: Episode 4

Jana and Sissi have a conversation about how young female filmmakers can circumvent potential roadblocks in the film industry as they venture to put their work out into the world.



F5522882-30AF-476F-BAC8-D7D37A3B521D(photo from instagram @hubbleesa)

there are those who mock astrology and horoscopes, dismissing the knowledge that can be gleaned from the stars but to those people I ask:

are the cosmos not infinite?

does the moon not turn the tides?

are we ourselves not a collection of stardust?

do eclipses not blind?

how can one’s ignorance be so profound that they purport to know how and why we are moved…

appreciate how many questions are yet to be answered and embrace the wondrous abundance of the universe and its infinite wisdom. what is more random than our existence?

the constellations breathe.

if plants can have feelings and the sun, a meager star by solar standards, can fuel life itself, why is it so fanciful to think that there are forces beyond our vision influencing our moods and behavior?

mock if you feel so compelled but appreciate those open enough to embrace how small we are.