Minorities Report: Ep 4, Supplements

Black Wall Street

The Unfulfilled Promise of Black Capitalism

A Life Apart: Hasidism in America

How Racism Created America’s Chinatowns

Living Simple in a Modern World: How the Amish Work





F5522882-30AF-476F-BAC8-D7D37A3B521D(photo from instagram @hubbleesa)

there are those who mock astrology and horoscopes, dismissing the knowledge that can be gleaned from the stars but to those people I ask:

are the cosmos not infinite?

does the moon not turn the tides?

are we ourselves not a collection of stardust?

do eclipses not blind?

how can one’s ignorance be so profound that they purport to know how and why we are moved…

appreciate how many questions are yet to be answered and embrace the wondrous abundance of the universe and its infinite wisdom. what is more random than our existence?

the constellations breathe.

if plants can have feelings and the sun, a meager star by solar standards, can fuel life itself, why is it so fanciful to think that there are forces beyond our vision influencing our moods and behavior?

mock if you feel so compelled but appreciate those open enough to embrace how small we are.

The Agonies and The Ecstasies: Episode 2, Supplementary Reading

We might be in the minority when it comes to our thoughts on personal branding. Here are some other views on the subject…

What’s So Important About Personal Branding?

6 Reasons That Will Make You Want to Brand Yourself

5 Reasons Personal Branding is Non-negotiable for 2018

A Strong Personal Brand Will Enhance Your Life, No Matter What You Do For A Living

No, you don’t need a personal brand



Girls, Interrupting: Episode 2, Supplemental Reading

The Divine Feminine, Mac Miller’s album on Love

Ariana Grande claps back at tweet blaming her for Mac Miller’s arrest

Ariana [after their breakup] says she will always adore Mac

A review of Mac Miller’s Swimming album

Timeline of Ariana Grande and Pete Davidson’s relationship

Mac Miller’s death confirmed an accidental overdose

Why Fentanyl is much more deadly than Heroin

Fans blame Ariana for Mac Miller’s death

“Men are what their mothers made them” – Ralph Waldo Emerson

Whitney and Bobby blaming each other for their respective demons

Who Bobby Brown blames for Whitney and Bobbi Kristina’s deaths and other revelations

So it seems Bobby WAS painted as the villain who corrupted Whitney and introduced her into a life of drugs. Maybe if the internet had been what it is now, he would have received the same tweets Ariana and Pete have been bombarded with. All this episode (and the subsequent research I’ve done) reveals to me is that people are way too quick to vilify others and place blame on outliers when the only one who can control someone’s actions is them. The internet has become a hotbed of sadistic trolls who revel in attacking celebrities. It is disgusting.

In conclusion (this is the common conclusion I come to) therapy is great for everyone!

Finding the right therapist

If you can’t afford therapy

Be safe ❤




The Agonies and the Ecstasies: Episode 1, Supplementals

New podcast episode out today, here are some articles about things we covered:

Steven Spielberg Thinks Netflix Films Should Not Qualify for Oscars

Netflix Soars with 15 Oscar Nominations

Dee Rees, First Black Woman Nominated for Adapted Screenplay

Women Directors Might Just Get the Hollywood Ending They Have Been Hoping For

2019 Oscar Nominations

Oscars Eligibility

The Secret to Netflix’s Success

Black is the New Black: Dee Rees

Amma Asante, Where Hands Touch

Half the Picture