Girls, Interrupting: Episode 1, Supplemental Material

For a hearty laugh:

Erica Ash shows us how versatile the word bitch really is 

supplemental articles:

FCC Censorship Rules Vary for Broadcast, Cable, and Streaming


Minorities Report: Ep 1, Supplementary

Today we unpack the use of the-n word from the perspectives of three first generation African Americans.

Some articles on Al Sharpton’s demonstration against profanity:

Issa Rae on The Breakfast Club:

Yvonne Orji on The Breakfast Club:

Awkward Black Girl (the web series that inspired Insecure)

Rated PC

Last night, my mother asked me why STDs are now called STI’s, “is it politically incorrect to say STD?” I rolled my eyes and shrugged, “who knows?”

Political correctness stresses me out.

Conceptually, I think I get it but honestly I feel like I’m being censored and it pisses me off.

A quick Google search shows that political correctness is the avoidance, often considered as taken to extremes, of forms of expression or action that are perceived to exclude, marginalize, or insult groups of people who are socially disadvantaged or discriminated against.

But I feel like it’s more than that. Or rather, it’s made out to be way more than that.

I was always loud and proud about my stance against political correctness until I realized the main people who agreed with me were older white men. #problematic

When a white man says he can’t stand political correctness all I hear is “I want to be free to live my best racist life.”

The first time I realized I needed to reevaluate how I felt was when a white male professor said that political correctness is a creativity killer and I was like OMG YAAAS but then I sat there like wait…sir, If you can’t tell a story without maligning someone you can’t actually tell a story.

Now I wonder, is being PC like being racist, if you’re a minority you can’t be politically incorrect? I say problematic stuff all the time but it’s usually in joke form and generally only to someone I think will be receptive to the joke. Does that make it okay? I guess not.

I can’t say I’m going to try harder to be PC or even that this site will be particularly PC but I will say that my reason for pushing the envelope has everything to do with bridging gaps and exploring dynamics that are sometimes difficult to foster and nothing to do with putting people down. I don’t know that that’s politically incorrect, I think it’s just cruel.


 ~I feel like Kristen Wiig with a pink umbrella saying “Welcome to Me”~

For years I’ve flirted with the idea of starting a blog. But I know myself…I love to start stuff, it’s the follow through that’s the struggle.

Here we are though, we’re doing it. Y’all are going to help me; keep me accountable.

So a quick explanation of things…first of all, the name: Absentminded Arian. There are some truths about my personality that I can’t fight. So this site name is me embracing my loudest traits: the good, the bad, but mostly ugly. I am absentminded; I think it’s getting worse as I get older. I used to daydream, now I’m not sure where my mind goes but it’s not always where it needs to be. I also fully embrace all of the strong-willed aspects of being an Aries.

Do you buy into horoscopes? Do you live your life by them?

I don’t check my horoscope every day, monthly, or even yearly for that matter but I can’t deny how accurate arian characteristics are to my personality. I’m not always proud of it but what can you do? I’m loud, I’m rash, bossy, and naive. Still fighting that last one but #workingonit

On to content…

I have a LOT of interests. A lot. #nerd

When everyone was deciding in high school, early college, what they wanted to do with their lives I was a bundle of nerves trying to figure out how my ever-growing list of interests could fit into one career path. The answer was much simpler than “combine everything” but that took a different kind of soul-searching that we’ll talk about some other time. Long story short, I committed my life to film. And so, the overarching theme of this blogcast is: THE MOVIES. Even if we’re not talking about it: the title, the page, whatever it is, something ties back to cinema.

I am great at watching stories, I’m great at telling them. What I am not great at is critically analyzing film from a technical perspective. So my Mondays will be an exercise in being more critical with the films I watch, each month will be a new theme (otherwise I wouldn’t know how to randomly pick a film to watch and “review” each week). For the month of January I will be reviewing the films that inspired the titles of my four podcast series. Yeah you read that right…four.

Tuesdays will be my day to talk about a variety of topics, generally related to mental illness, the creative world, social media, and society. Sometimes the posts will be a precursor to Thursdays’ podcast episodes, sometimes they’ll be independent ramblings of topics I’ve been meaning to explore.

Thursdays are podcast days! Whether you listen on iTunes, google play, or Spotify, I will make sure you can find it! And because your girl doesn’t know how to start small, I’m doing four series:

Minorities Report: which deals with race-related issues, this first year will mostly focus on black topics but the plan is to branch out in the coming years…

Girl, Interrupting: kind of like my Tuesday posts, this is a smorgasbord of topics I’m interested in but mostly mental health related

Victors/Victorias: attacking topics with input from men and women; are our opinions fundamentally different? do guys think differently than gals? I don’t know if this fights the binary or supports it but that’s part of the exploration.

The Agonies and the Ecstasies: creative life, the creative process, film-life, and art in general. I will touch on branding and this new world of social media influencers…it’s a lot.

Finally on Saturdays I will pick a person, place, or thing to highlight. I’m generally picking people whose work I admire or who are doing something “different.” I think as artists, we have to constantly find inspiration with the world around us and I think it’s important to explore how others channel their inspiration as we grow into our own. No one exists as a monolith so as much as we may deny that the work of others informs our own, you have to give credit where credit is due.

Seems simple enough, right? We shall see, but thanks for taking this journey with me! All I aim to do is push us all to explore exciting ideas, provocative topics, and ask questions you might not be readily exposed to in your every day life.

If I make you laugh, yay! If I upset you, good.

Whatever your reaction, welcome!

and Happy 2019!